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Concentration measurement devices from Alpina Orion

The concentration measurement devices supplied by Alpina Orion represent the state-of-the-art in the total solid-content measurement in an aqueous solution or suspension. The microwave technology version has been widely applied in the sugar industry to measure:

  • Concentration or density in technical sugar solutions, like juice, syrup or liquors.
  • Total solid content in crystalized massecuite.
  • Apparent density of milk of lime.
  • Compaction of mud from juice clarifiers.

The devices are quite well suitable to control the preparation of syrup dilutions, juice mash for fermentation and milk of lime or lime saccharate for the cane juice treatment. They are also particularly applicable in juice evaporation tandems, in the control of the juice concentration and especially adapted for the control of the crystallization process (massecuite boiling). The accurate measurement of the microwave device provides optimal definition of the seeding point along the industrial process. Boiling massecuites using the microwave device from Alpina Orion is much simple and easier.

The conditioning of juice mud can be properly controlled by using the Alpina Orion microwave device, optimizing the operation of mud rotary or press filters.

Due to measurement technology the microwave devices from Alpina Orion are not sensible to the product quality variation while controlling the industrial process. Product temperature changes can be compensated, and the measurement tends to be always accurate.

The microwave equipment from Alpina Orion are a step ahead of other available technologies, like weight cells, conductivity measurement, inline optical refractometers and low frequency devices.

They can be assembled straight on tank or vessel walls, or along pipelines, thus avoiding contamination zones.

The near infrared technology version (NIR) has been applied to the measurement of total sugar content in fermentation tanks, in order to minimize any dead time along the process, before centrifugation. Similar to the microwave technology, the NIR devices are assembled straight on the wall of a vessel or along a pipeline.