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Alpina Orion is a company founded in 2006, as a branch of Alpina Equipamentos Industriais, the leading manufacturer of water cooling towers, which has for over 70 years, been supplying its equipment to a wide variety of industries in Brazil as well as in many other countries around the world.

The company focuses on the sugar and ethanol industry and envisions being a market leader by supplying state-of-the-art technology, applied engineering and customer service through high quality standards, thereby gaining competitive advantage.

With high ethical standards and respect for the customer as core values, we have as our mission, to increase the production capacity of our clients and improve the stability and quality of the production, always saving energy and preserving resources.

The products and solutions of Alpina Orion contain advanced technology and operational reliability. They are robust, long lasting and highly competitive in the market. They are present in many market giant players like Adecoagro, Biosev, BP Bunge, Colombo, Raízen, Santa Terezinha, São Martinho, Tereos and Zilor in Brazil, Gloria and Wong in Peru, Manuelita in Colombia, Guabira in Bolivia, besides Paraguay and Argentina.

Our expertise comprises design, manufacture and on-site assembly of cane juice clarifiers and batch and continuous boiling pans. Alpina Orion masters the application technique of concentration measurement with microwave technology in all process checking points in a sugar production plant, like juice, syrups, massecuites, milk of lime or saccharate preparation and mud conditioning. Measuring can be done not only in tanks, but also in reservoirs and pipelines.

Alpina Orion moves forward continuously, enlarging its product portfolio, with positive displacement lobe pumps for massecuite and magma, steam barometric mixture condensers and most recently the automation of the continuous pan boiling, using its newest automation concept Rigel© 1.0.

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Maximilian Goehler
General Manager
Alpina Orion

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