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Continuous pan boiling automation

As sugar factories become larger and start searching for the improvement in the production efficiency, the use of continuous pan boiling gains feasibility in terms of cost while compared to regular batch pans.

Despite a greater amount of control loops, in relation to the batch pan, the automated continuous pan boiling may be much less complicated than it seems.

Alpina Orion is proud to present Rigel© 1.0, an automation concept which is different from the usual, not applying control loops in the solid content measurement in every single boiling cell in the equipment. The applied strategy consists in the evaluation of the steam flow to the calandria of the continuous boiling pan, by means of the condensate flow measurement and thus rating the syrup feed proportionally into each boiling cell.

The combination of flow measurement devices, temperature and total solid content meters allow the calculation of an overall mass balance in the continuous boiling pan, which leads to a simple, low cost- and trouble-free operation.

The Rigel© 1.0 software from Alpina Orion is easily applicable to any model of a continuous pan boiling equipment.