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Batch and continuous boiling pans
Batch and continuous boiling pans

Boiling pans from Alpina Orion

The batch and continuous boiling pans from Alpina Orion present an innovative design of their calandrias. Developed in the shape of a bee honeycomb, the Alpina Orion hexagon calandria eliminates the use of the heavy tube sheets, commonly applied in conventional calandrias.

With a unique design, the calandria of Alpina Orion can be fitted in both rectangular section of a continuous boiling pan and in the circular section of the conventional batch pan.

The hexagon calandria promotes the effective increase of the production capacity of the industrial plant, the reduction of product recirculation in the plant and provides a production with better quality, independent of the produced sugar type.

Get up to 25% more in heating surface inside a defined calandria volume and up to 10% more in thermal efficiency.

The unique design of the hexagon calandria of Alpina Orion improves the inlet and the distribution of the heating steam and optimizes the condensate and incondensable gases removal. Thus, an optimal temperature distribution can be reached inside the calandria, with thermal losses sensitively reduced.

The Alpina Orion calandria can retrofit standing boiling pans of virtually any type, always contributing to increase its production capacity and quality. They weight less than any other conventional calandria of the same capacity.

The design still allows:

The elimination of almost all contact surface subjected to encrustation while in operation. This feature contributes to the elimination of dark crystal conglomerates, which compete against the quality of the final product.

The significant reduction in the cleaning time of the boil pan, with water or steam. Thus, it increases the effective production time of the equipment.

The economy in steam consumption in the sugar plant, once vapor from second and third effects of the evaporation can be used for the boiling process, without compromising the equipment efficiency.