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Juice clarifiers
Juice clarifiers
Juice clarifiers
Juice clarifiers
Juice clarifiers

Cane juice clarifiers from Alpina Orion

The Alpina Orion cane juice clarifiers are designed tray less and are fully suitable for processing juice for both sugar and ethanol production. Among the project characteristics, which bring to the Alpina Orion juice clarifier the state-of-the-art status in such equipment, some of them deserve special attention:

The juice feed is done through a separating well, which is properly dimensioned to offer optimized fluid dynamics for particle settling, keeping them apart of the clear juice flow which leaves the clarifier.

The mud pot is equipped with a unique compaction system in smaller available volumes, what ensures a considerable bigger volume for the clear juice inside the clarifier. This brings more operational safety to the industrial process.

The set of clear juice collecting channels are provided with on-site adjustable bending spillways, which are quite helpful in retaining additional portions of bagacillo in the clear juice.

The static mixer minimizes the polymer consumption, optimizing the mixture of raw juice and polymer.

The Automatic Liquidation System – ALS, improves the stability of the evaporation plant, during unexpected mill stops.

The Alpina Orion cane juice clarifier also features:

  • Low installed weight.
  • Minimum maintenance expenditure by employing stainless steel components.
  • Low torque operation due to the reduced mud volume inside the equipment, therefore smaller driving gears are required.
  • Driving torque can be monitored during operation.

The cane juice clarifiers from Alpina Orion are especially suitable in industrial cases when cane washing is avoided or when bigger amounts of soil or sand are present in the raw juice.

With a remarkable flexibility in its design, the Alpina Orion clarifier can retrofit or increase the capacity of virtually any other standing unit.